About Me

<-- This is not me.

This is the owner of djdavids.com. He is a disc jockey and goes by the badass thug name of DJ David S. When you put all that swagger together, you get the name I've gone by since Kindergarten: DJ Davids.

<-- This DJ David S is currently more successful than I am and has beaten me to djdavids.com. My goal in life is to be more successful than him and steal it.

Fun facts about the real me:

  • I get asked if I'm a DJ an average of 1.2 times per week, to which I usually respond with a masterfully crafted fake cackle.
  • In my spare time you may find me pretending I'm a tree when homeless people ask me for money.
  • If asked to bring something to a picnic, I'd bring a ceiling fan and 6 shot glasses.

And because it may be hard to pebble my 6th floor window...